How to Enable Indexing in WildSEO

Last Updated: March 30th, 2024
In this three-step process, we'll show you how to set up both bulk and auto-indexing. The whole process shouldn't take more than three minutes (we've timed it). And, the best part is - you only have to do it once! Now, let's knock this out, and get you indexed!

Step 1 - After you enroll in a plan with WildSEO, head over to the Index Settings tab and copy (⌘+C) your service account email(s).

WildSEO - Indexing Settings

Step 2 - Then, head over to GSC (G00gle Search Console) and add the service account emails as users (they must be added as owners so they can work on your behalf).

WildSEO - Adding Service Accounts

Then, you’re all set.

Step 3 - Now, head back to WildSEO, and you can enable auto-indexing in the project hub or start bulk-submitting pages in the index inspector.

WildSEO - Enable Auto-Indexing

Tim White
Tim White
Over 15 years of strategic sales and marketing experience focusing on B2B growth, operations, and corporate marketing across both high-growth startups and publicly traded companies. Experience executing impactful marketing campaigns as well as scaling high-performing teams across all marketing functions including growth, integrated campaigns, brand, operations, digital, paid acquisition, content strategy, and sales development.

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